Beauty and the beast film review! 

Hello everyone, 

Today’s blog post is a film review on the live action beauty and the beast please bare with me I’ve never done a film review on the blog before without further ado let’s get started.So I went to see beauty and the beast with my boyfriend on the 18th of March 2017 I was so excited I had my tickets booked almost a month in advance. 

First off Emma Watson was such a good belle her singing was amazing the costumes and her acting she was spot on. Gaston was really good I think he was my favourite because his singing was so close to the original gaston with made it perfect. 

I loved the storyline I liked that there was some different songs but I also loved it that they kept it really close to the original. 

I loved the other characters such as cogsworth and Mrs potts, chip and lumiere they were all so cute and the part where they all changed into antiques made me cry. 

I also loved the duet between ariana grande and John legend it was such a good duet they sang it lovely and it gave you all the feels. 

All in all its an amazing movie I give it a 10/10 so go and watch it at your local cinema you won’t be disappointed. 

Thanks for reading guys, 

Love Shannon xx


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