Disneyland Paris Christmas 2016! 

Hey guys, 

Welcome to another blog post today’s is all about my trip to disneyland Paris in Christmas 2016!

I visited disneyland paris in December 2016 I went solo on this trip I stayed at the cheyenne hotel and travelled there by plane. 

It was amazing I visited so many characters ones I’ve met before but most of them I hadn’t. I got to see a new show and a new parade which were both amazing and very festive. I had the dining plan so I was able to visit several lovely Disney restaurants to have my dinner. 

Because I went solo I was able to go where I wanted when I wanted I got a lot more done and it wasn’t rushed I got to relax quite a bit and also I didn’t wait in queues very long. 

The Christmas show was beautiful all the Disney princes and princesses where there which was just so unexpected I also got to watch they new parade it was also amazing because there was so many characters the music was so festive a Duffy was on the last float as a surprise. 

One thing I loved was there was a gingerbread house I the disneyland hotel which was made out of real ginger bread and smelt amazing. 

Below I’m going to insert some pictures so you can have a look!!

Thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed it if you’ve been to Disney at Christmas let me know what your favourite part was!!  

Love Shannon xx 


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