Five Perks Of Doing Disney Solo

Hello everyone,

In the month of December 2016 I went to Disneyland Paris for the festive season I went for four nights and five days. In todays blog post I’m going to tell you the top five perks of doing Disney solo. Lets get started!!

  1. Single rider: One of the best things about going to Disney solo is the single rider you can use the single rider and get on the ride in half the time where as if I was with family or friends id have to use the regular queue.
  2. Front row seats at parades: It’s so much easier to get to the front to watch a parade when your on your own its easier to make space for one person than four or five. Another positive the characters give you waves, hugs and high fives on the way past when your at the front.
  3. Never having to wait: When I went out for dinner in the restaurants I always got a table really quick because I only needed a table for one which was really good cause it meant no waiting.
  4. Do things when you want to: When I went solo I was able to choose what park I wanted to go to, what characters I wanted to meet, when I wanted to eat, what rides I wanted to go on, and what times I wanted to come and go from the park.
  5. Get photography creative: When I’m at Disney I love to get creative with photography and take lots of pictures when you on your own you have the time to do it and your not rushed so you can take all the photos you want.

So if you want to travel to Disney solo go for it! It’s such an amazing experience if I ever get the chance to I will definitely do it again.

Thank you for reading this blog post hopefully you enjoyed it and got some ideas about solo trips to  Disney.

Thanks guys,

Shannon xx



2 thoughts on “Five Perks Of Doing Disney Solo

  1. I’m someone who loves travelling solo but I would love to do DLP on my own. I’d be able to go around the park at my own pace and take in all those minute details that are usually missed when dashing about in a group. I know I’ve had some good DLP trips with my family but a solo trip would probably be my favourite.

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  2. This is so true when I was on my own I noticed so much more in the parks just because I was taking my time and going a little slower I love my solo trip so much and I defiently want to do it again.


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